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Last Updated: April 14, 2018

General Activities and Recurring Events

  • Board of Directors meetings will be held on the last THURSDAY of the month - 7PM
    Each month we attempt to have a guest speaker who will give updates to the community during our monthly meetings. Light food & refreshments provided for those who attend.
    Guest speakers will be in upcoming E-mail Blasts & Newsletters

  • Contract Bridge Group The Contract Bridge Group of Davis Lake meets at the Clubhouse on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. RSVP’s are encouraged in order to ensure the game has the correct number of multiples required. If interested please contact Chuck Doll - tishchuckdoll@aol.com
  • Davis Lake Book Club
    Why join a book club? Well, you get to meet interesting neighbors, see stories from someone else’s point of view and expand on the types of books you are exposed to. You get to know your neighbors beyond the “hello” at the pool, learn about new authors and read books you may have never picked on your own. The club would meet once a month at the Clubhouse or a member’s house to discuss a book that was chosen by a member of the group. The member that chose the book can host and lead the discussion. Bring appetizers, drinks and conversation! Contact: Kelly Robertson kdrobertsonnc@gmail.com 
  • Empty Nesters Group Meets on the 1st Thursday of the each month Sept - May at 6:30 PM at the clubhouse If interested be sure to contact Kathy Mercer at kmmercer@comcast.net The group often meets poolside during the summer.
  • Davis Lake Men’s Tennis Database:
    If you are interested in joining, please contact Scott Schaeffer at:
     sschaeffer@carolina.rr.com  no    sfschaeffer@gmail.com  yes
    Be sure to include the following: Name, Contact Info & Level of Play 

Dated Upcoming Activities - Links to more information

RDU Tennis Camps - Beginning in March and Summer Camps
More Details

April 16 - Clubhouse and Pool Amenity Code Change Date
As of Monday, April 16th at 11 a.m. the Davis Lake Amenity Codes (Gym, Restrooms & Tennis Courts) will be CHANGING. Please be sure to fill out the Facility Usage Contract and have all of the Davis Lake ID’s for your household updated for this season!
Once you meet with the Director to have your Form & ID’s updated, you will receive the NEW Amenity Codes. Email: clubhouse@davislake.org
More Info and Forms in the April Communique

April 21 TREE BANDING REMOVAL - April 21 - Volunteers Needed 
Removal of the bands installed for prevention of Canker Worms on the trees in the common areas will take place Saturday April 21 9AM - 12-PM Volunteers are needed, so please join us if you can. Meet at the clubhouse by 9am  Light refreshments will be available for volunteers.

April 28th – 5-7pm at the Davis Lake Clubhouse Team Signup & Suit Fitting  – 5-7pm at the Davis Lake Clubhouse Team Signup & Suit Fitting – the Swim Shop (HFFA) will be on site to assist with getting the perfect fit for your swimmer’s suit.  They will fit goggles as well and normally have practice suits and swim backpacks available to purchase.  If you are not able to make this fitting, they will have our team suits available until May 10th at the store inside of Huntersville Family Fitness Aquatics.  After that date, suits will have to be ordered with shipping added.

May 5 - Spring Garage Sale 8am - 12PM Registration Form  More info


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